Zopa Personal Loan

Life happens and there are expenses for life choices. There is a moment a loan is needed to pay for expenses. To find personal loans to cover expenses, the personal loans should have reasonable interest rates. What is the requirement to earn good interest rates for short term loans?

The interest rates of short term loans categorized as personal ranges from 3.9% to over 34.9%. To apply for a loan, the most influential requirement to earn the best rate possible is a good credit score. A good credit score is 700 or more. A borrower with a credit score of 720 or better should receive an interest rate between 10% and 12%. The rate decreases as the borrower’s credit scores decreases.

For example, an individual wants to borrow money, and it will be unsecured. The use of unsecured personal loan means there are no requirements for collateral. To apply for loan online, the amount to borrow is £3,000. The term is one year. The interest rate would be 8.9% for a credit score in the range of 700 to 759. The loan payments range from £262 to £272. There is a great difference if the credit score range was 600 to 699. The monthly payments would be nearly £280.

Please note that fees and rates are depend on individual circumstances.

Why the Credit Score is Important to Get a Loan?
The credit score is not the only factor to influence the lending process. It determines the majority of outcomes when lending money. It is important to receive best rate. It requires a good credit score. A good credit history helps with good credit score. It requires bills must be paid on time. Credits cards use should not be near the maximum limit. An application of credit should be done when needed.

A reasonable interest rate is achieved with a good credit score. An excellent credit score lead to borrowing money to meet expenses.