Sunny Short-Term Personal Loan

Sunny Short-Term Personal Loan

Sunny offer fast flexible and easy short-term online loans and the money can be in bank account within fifteen minutes of being approved. Applicants can borrow Sunny Short-Term Personal Loan between £100 and £2500 over periods between 6 and 14 months.

Sunny Short-Term personal loan are available to people with bad or limited credit history and they are meant for short-term emergencies such as the boiler breaking down or needing to get the car fixed.

When applicants apply for a sunny short-term loan a credit check will be done which will leave a footprint on applicants credit file. The interest rate and repayment term will vary depending on how much customer borrow from £100 over 6 months at 292% per annum (1266% APR) to £2200 over 14 months at 128% per annum (237% APR).

For example: If someone decide to borrow £1500 this can be done over 7 months with monthly repayments of £406.11. This is an interest rate of 244% per annum with a representative APR of 824%. The total amount payable would be £2842.81.

Sunny offer 5 days to changing up mind and if repaying the full amount in this time customers will not have to pay any interest. There are no fees charged on Sunny personal loan – not even for late payments. Interest is charged daily and customers can make extra repayments at any time and pay the full amount early to save on interest.

Applying for a loan and the management of the account can be done online and if needed to speak to a person their phone lines are open 7 days a week. You may also check FAQ sections before reaching us out.

Sunny do stress that their loans are for short-term help and not a solution to long-term financial problems. Applicants need to ensure that they will be able keep up with repayments.

If you have any further questions you may drop a line on 0800 7315 444 or come to visit any of its branch which is open Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are closed. Sunny loans are here to make your dreams come true.