Progressive Money Personal Loan

If someone is looking for a personal loan for some home improvements, a new car, to pay off debt, a wedding or honeymoon, or taking that holiday they have always dreamed of?

If applicants are interested in applying for loans online, or any short term loans then they can contact one of  the friendly agents who will be more than happy to walk them through the process and get their application started.

If applicants have less than perfect credit score a traditional lender won’t give their application a second glance. However, Progressive Lending likes giving people the opportunity to prove they are credit worthy. That’s why they are called Progressive Lending—they offer a fresh, new and contemporary approach to lending.

A representative example of a 50.13% APR (with the maximum APR being 91.41%) would something like this: A loan for £4,000 with the term of 36 months and an APR of 30.60% PA (fixed) the monthly payments of £195.55, the total repayable is £7,040.00; this amount is also inclusive of the £400 acceptance and £390 administration fees. The cost of the credit would be £3,040.

Customers are rating Progressive Lending very well, too. Based on 95 ratings Progressive got 88 out of 100.  Progressive Lending is a member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA) which requires that all their members sign an ethical code of practice agreement.

There are several ways to contact Progressive Money: by telephone at 0161 814 9383- for general inquiries; there is also a complaint line 0161 814 9384; customers can contact also by email: at; or can mail them an inquiry about applying for credit with Progressive Money at: 9 Portland St., Manchester, MI 3BE –using the registered company number of 08130061.