Post Office Money Personal Loan

The Post Office has been offering financial services under the Post Office Money umbrella since 2015. Post Office Money’s financial products are managed by the Bank of Ireland UK, Plc.

Personal loans are available via Post Office Money, with a straightforward online loan application and a calculator to help the user assess their potential loan, APR and repayment amounts before applying for a loan. A Fast Checker service is available for customers to see whether they would be eligible for a loan without affecting their credit score.

The Post Office Money offer an instant online decision when applying for a loan, as well as no penalties for late payments and loan funds being made available as soon as the next working day. There are some requirements in order for a customer to be offered an online loan; customers must be over 21 with a good credit history (no CCJs); be a UK resident for the lat three years; be earning over £12,000 a year or have been self-employed for a minimum for two years; and have a UK-based bank account from which repayments can be arranged via Direct Debit.

The representative APR example provided by Post Office Money is 3.1% for a loan amount of £17,500 over 60 months. The loan calculator shows a loan of £7,500 over 48 months with an APR of 3.2%, or a representative APR of 4.5% for £5,000 borrowed over 48 months. The rate will vary depending on how long the customer wishes to borrow for, and the amount they wish to borrow. The Post Office Money state that the highest APR a customer would be offered is 28.9%.

The process of applying for a loan online with Post Office Money is made easier by the Fast Checker tool, and the calculator allows the applicant to determine what the rate of APR would be paying should they wish to apply for loan. This service offers quick access to loans online, a transparent eligibility checker and APR calculation service.

The Fast Checker shows these requirements before input any personal information is input, allowing the user to assess whether they will be eligible. The Fast Checker then asks for name, address, loan purpose and financial information such as mortgage or rent payments, as well as the requested loan amount and likely APR offered.